Beer Wings And Babes...The Finer Things Of Life

Ah...beers, wings and babes, can you think of a better combination ? There is nothing better than cracking open a cold one, eating some hot wings, and looking at a little eye candy. Ok, maybe throw in a football game, but I digress. Eating, drinking, and the opposite sex have been the obsession of men for thousands of years, though I don't want to make it sound like I am excluding our better halves here. Beer dates back as far as ancient Egypt, and was often brewed by women. Food and women are not only an obssesion, but a necessity. Now picture all of the images you have seen of ancient hunter-gatherers chasing down that Wooly Mammoth and then bringing home their kill for the women to prepare. Then taking his mate back to his literal man cave. This site is dedicated to these three finer things of life with a heavier focus on the world's favorite beverage. It will feature brewers from around the world, some great wing sauces, and the hottest babes on the planet. It will also let people share brewing recipies, sauce recipies, and their favorite babes for others to enjoy. I have enjoyed quite a few alcoholic beverages in my time and consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. My personal goal is to enjoy at least one of each libation and wing sauce listed on the site, which is going to be quite the undertaking, but a challenge I'm sure I will enjoy. See how many you can enjoy and then make sure you rate them for the rest of our vistors. Make an argument for your favorite beer, wing, or babe. Stop taking life so seriously. Crack open a few cold ones and enjoy the site. Cheers !!!

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