Beer by Great Lakes
The Doppelrock

Beer is universal and “Rock and Roll” may have been coined in Cleveland, but the influence of this genre reaches far beyond the shores of Lake Erie.
Doppelrock bears witness to everything
double: double bock flavor, dueling rockers and the double neck guitar made famous by many
rock legends.

Doppelbock (German for “double bock”) is a style originally developed by medieval monks. Living by the strict rules of their order, monks were regularly required to castigate themselves by periodic bouts of fasting, when next-to-no solid food was
allowed to pass their lips. The longest and most taxing of these periods of culinary abstinence was, of course, Lent—the 46 days between Ash
Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Because the monks believed that liquids not only cleansed the body but also the soul, they would make plenty of “liquid bread” instead of solid bread from
their grain and then drink it in copious quantities...

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