Beer by Great Lakes
Wright Pils

Named after the brothers Wright
who invented and built the world’s first successful controlled airplane, this true pilsner—like these local heroes—has all the Wright (right!) stuff.

Until the 1840s, most Bohemian
(now Czech Republic) beers were top-fermented, dark and cloudy. However, Bavarian brewers
had begun experimenting through “lagering” beer in cool caves using bottom-fermenting yeasts, which improved the beer’s clarity, flavor
and shelf life. The Burgess Brewery recruited the Bavarian brewer Josef Groll, who created the first batch of modern pilsner on October 5,
1842. The combination of the pale color from the new malts (aided by the Bohemian city of Plzen’s remarkably soft water), the noble hops and the Bavarian-style lagering produced a
clear, golden beer which caused a sensation.

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