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D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery, and producer of beer, is a family owned and operated brewery built on strong heritage and traditions with a commitment to producing the highest quality Lagers, Porters and Ales for our wholesalers, retailers and consumers. D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., will continue to strengthen its position as one of the fastest growing breweries in America.

In spite of the demise of countless breweries throughout the country, the ever-popular Yuengling Brewery survives as a thriving business and historic treasure. It owes its ongoing success to a remarkable combination of pride and determination, tradition and innovation. This is evident in the quality products produced throughout Yuengling’s
challenging history. It was the year 1829 when Americans were getting used to their newly elected president, Andrew Jackson, that 23-yearold
David G. Yuengling, an immigrant from Württemberg, Germany, settled in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and started a brewery. Originally named the Eagle Brewery, today the Yuengling Brewery is still identified with the qualities of strength and pride, symbolic of the American Eagle. Each Yuengling label bears the eagle trademark chosen by young David Yuengling so long ago.

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In 1976, during America’s Bicentennial, the brewery captured national attention. D.G. Yuengling & Son was placed on both the national and state historic registers and was officially recognized as America’s Oldest Brewery. This honor generated renewed interest in the company and its beer brands. However, even as this milestone of longevity was being celebrated, the company looked to begin a new chapter in American brewing — the rebirth of the classic American beer.

By 1993, 245,000 barrels were produced, far surpassing the original goal of 200,000. Dick expanded the production capacity on every last piece of ground available. In fact, by 1996 demand for Yuengling’s products had completely outstripped production capabilities. A bold decision was made to actually decrease the brewery’s footprint and serve only the closest "core" market.

As the company moves forward — poised to surpass 2 million barrels — Dick Yuengling and David Casinelli prepare for the new challenges ahead. Yuengling’s growth into new markets has been careful and calculated. To Dick’s credit, he has always been willing to make the necessary investment in improving his breweries and his company’s infrastructure before making any hasty moves.

"We have taken the path of disciplined, calculated growth. This decision is in the best interests of the company’s future," states Casinelli, now the Chief Operating Officer. "It would be easy to expand quickly and fill capacity, but that’s not the Yuengling path to success."

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