Hot Sauces by Blair's

Blair Lazar wasn't always on top of the Hot Sauce world. In 1989, he has 19 years old, driving in his VW, uncertain of what the future had in store for him. He was a bartender serving beers, shots, and wings to intoxicated partiers all night long. Legend has it that Blair grew weary of an obnoxious customer and served him an order of "Wings of Death" in an attempt to get the rowdy patron to shut up and leave. Apparently it did the trick and Blair discovered his passion.

Demand for his Death Sauces has never been stronger and production goes on 6 days a week, 18 hours a day. Blair does not mass produce and does not believe in shortcuts. He strives to maintain the handmade quality that has become a legend over the past 20 years and put his name on the lips of chiliheads worldwide. Blair does not like to deal with chain supermarkets and how they do business and can only be found in the best Specialty, Gourmet, Party Centers, and Hot Shops around the globe. He has repeatedly refused to sell out his passion and continues to do what he loves by delivering a high quality fun food product.

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2 AM ReserveBeyond Extreme
3 AM ReserveBeyond Extreme
After DeathBeyond Extreme
Beyond DeathExtreme
Golden DeathMedium
Jalapeno DeathHot
Mega DeathExtreme
Original DeathHot
Pure DeathHot
Sudden DeathExtreme
Sweet DeathMedium
Ultra DeathExtreme

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