Hot Sauces by Crazy Mother Pucker's

Crazy Mother Puckers started producing mouth puckering hot sauces in 2005. Their spicy sauces quickly scored a number of awards and Crazy Mother Puckers has gone on to win multiple Golden Chili Awards, and multiple Fiery Food Challenges. From the hilarious Mother Pucker logo featuring the puckered pelican, to the playful hot sauce names, like Habitual Jalapeno, Groovy Garlic, Peachy Perversion, and Maniacal Mustard, you know the folks at Crazy Mother Puckers love to have a good time, but that they take their food, and their hot sauces, very seriously. Just a few shakes of a Crazy Mother Puckers hot sauce will make your food into a party!

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Original BBQ SauceMild
Cayenne ConcoctionMedium
Fire Roasted FusionHot
Groovy GarlicMild
Habitual JalapenoMild
Honey HabaneroMedium
Liquid LavaExtreme
Manaical MustardMedium
Peachy PerversionMedium

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