Hot Sauces by The Flaming Chicken

The Flaming Chicken hot sauces are a premium line of sauces with outstanding flavor. They offer traditional hot wing sauce as well as unique styles for a change of pace. The Flaming Chicken Original is a traditional style, with a well balanced heat level. The Extra Hot is a traditional hot wing sauce with the same great flavor of the Original sauce, but with the heat kicked up a notch or two (very big notches). And then things change. The Flaming Chicken Mango Heat combines Mango with Habanero for a true treat. The Heart of the Caribbean wing sauce is a Jerk style sauce with outstanding flavor and just the right amount of bite. Asian Twist is a Teriyaki wing sauce with no heat, and all emphasis on flavor. Bayou Cajun Wing Sauce has an authentic southern kick, and the Creamy Garlic Parmesan is so versatile that it is equally wonderful on wings, pasta, or even as a salad dressing! One thing is certain- all of The Flaming Chicken wing sauces are sure to become favorites!

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Spicy Bayou Cajun Wing SauceMedium
Extra Hot Wing SauceVery Hot
Honey BBQ Wing SauceMild
Heart of the Carribean Jerk Wing SauceMedium
Mango Heat Wing SauceMedium
Original Wing SauceHot
Creamy Garlic Parmesean Wing SauceMild
Asian Twist Teriyaki Wing SauceMild

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