Hot Sauces by Hula Girl

Hula Girl Hot Sauce got its start Jill Inforzato decided to add spicy foods to her repetoire of culinary skills. She had already established a line of delicious shortbreads and cookies from her "Jill's Country Kitchen" Restaraunt in Hawaii. The Food Network did a special segment on her fine desserts on the show "Sugar Rush".

Jill entered her Hula Girl Hot Sauce in the 2004 Fiery Food Challenge in Texas in September. Out of 803 competitors, Hula Girl Chipotle-Habanero Hot Sauce was chosen the Best Overall Winner and First Place Winner in the Hot Sauce Category. Find out just why the judges picked the Hula Girl as their favorite. If you don't live in Hawaii, you can still put Hula Girl Hot Sauce on your table or use it to spice up your parties by ordering a bottle or two online.

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Chipotle Habanero SauceHot
Green Jalapeno SauceMedium
Hot Honey Wing SauceMedium
Red JalapenoMedium
Smokin' BBQMild

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