Hot Sacues by Melinda's Pepper Sauce Company

The mission at Melinda's Hot Sauces is to always produce products with outstanding quality and freshness, and to do so with integrity and a dedication to perfectly balancing heat and flavor. Expertly pairing fiery Habanero peppers with a vegetable-base has created the flavor that defines the Melinda's Hot Sauce line. In fact, many credit Melinda's Original Habanero Pepper Sauce with making the Habanero a household name.

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Ass ReaperExtremely Hot
Chipotle Pepper SauceHot
Fire Roasted Habanero & Garlic SauceHot
The GhostExtremely Hot
Habanero Garlic SauceMedium
Naga Jolokia Pepper SauceExtremely Hot
Original Habanero Extra Hot Pepper SauceHot
Original Habanero Mango SauceMedium
Original Habanero Scotch Bonnet SauceHot
Original Habanero XXX Hot Pepper SauceVery Hot
Original Habanero XXXX Hot Pepper SauceExtremely Hot
Original Habanero Hot Pepper SauceHot
Original Jalapeno Pepper SauceMedium
Red SavinaExtremely Hot

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