Hot Sauces by Wing-Time Buffalo Wing Sauces

Since 1994, Wing-Time has been producing a premium line of authentic Buffalo-style chicken wing sauces under the Wing-Time label. They produce what many wing connoisseurs feel is the best commercial wing sauce on the market.

Their sauces are not only good, but also good for you. You'll enjoy the finest all-natural and preservative-free ingredients. The entire line is sugar free, gluten free, trans fat free and low in sodium and carbs thus making them suitable for diabetics, celiacs and a wide range of others with restricted diets.

Other than traditional chicken wings, the endless versatility of their sauces livens up many other meat and vegetarian dishes. Try their sauces and see for yourself why wing connoisseurs the world over have embraced their products.

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Mild Buffalo Wing SauceMild
Medium Buffalo Wing SauceMedium
Hot Buffalo Wing SauceHot
Super Hot Buffalo Wing SauceVery Hot
Garlic Buffalo Wing SauceMedium

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